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Vibration Insulation Table for Labs for Active and Passive Vibration Control

Shock Resistant / Anti-Vibration Table with Pneumatic Vibration Mounts

Our Anti Vibration Tables - Series DIT-AS are ideal for isolation of LOW-FREQUENCY vibration due to working machines like presses, hammers, VMCs etc. The passive vibrations are absorbed by the pneumatic mounts making the surface plate float on AIR. These Anti-Vibration Tables have a Granite Surface Plate with Grade-1 accuracy for very precise measuring accuracies. These Vibration Tables provide economical solution where low frequency vibrations need to be removed. The passive vibrations from nearby motors and other heavy machinery is reduced by 90-95%.

APPLICATIONS: The Vibration Isolated Table (VIT) finds usage in critical areas where reading accuracy of instruments like CMM, Spectroscopes, Balances, Galvanometers, Electronic Microscopes and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, is affected by Vibrations.

With this specialized design, we obtain a very precise and highly Shock Resistant Anti-Vibration Table.

Model Length (L) (mm) Width (B) (mm) Height (H) (mm) Surface Plate Thickness (mm) Table Loading Capacity (Kg) Adjustment range (mm)
DIT-AS/01 500 500 800 50 100 - 250 8
DIT-AS/02 750 500 800 / 1000 80 200 - 450 8
DIT-AS/03 900 600 1000 100 500 - 1250 12
DIT-AS/04 1000 800 1000 100 800 - 1600 12

Vibration Isolation Table using elastomeric material with enclosed structure Anti Vibration Table VIT having Pneumatic Air Springs
Anti-Vibration Table for Microscope

Anti-Vibration Table with pneumatic air springs