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Dynemech Anti-Vibration Tables

Dynemech's Anti-Vibration Tables are ideal for Testing / Quality Laboratories co-located with industrial units having high degree of vibration due to working machines like presses, hammers, VMCs etc. An anti vibration table is designed for cooperation with analytical and laboratory balances or control scales.

Our Anti-Vibration Tables are designed with Granite Surface Plate with Grade-1 accuracy for critical measuring accuracies. Also, vibration damping in our Anti-Vibration tables are provided at two locations - below the granite table top and at the bottom usinglevelling feet which can help in proper levelling of the table as well as having insulation plate to remove any unwanted vibrations. Additionally, we can select Elastomeric, Pneumatic or Spring Based Damping depending upon the vibrations present in the Testing Laboratory.

The Vibration Isolated Table (VIT) finds usage in critical areas where reading accuracy of instruments is affected by unwanted vibrations like Analytical Balances, Hardness Testers, Spectroscopes, Microscopes, Roughness Testers, Galvanometers, Profile Projectors, Atomic Force Microscopes, Roundness Testers, Electronic Microscopes and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers.

We are manufacturing 3 different types of Vibration Isolated Tables (VITs):

bullet_star Anti-Vibration Table isolated using Elastomeric material - Series DIT-E,
bullet_star Anti-Vibration Table - VIT isolated using Pneumatic Air Springs - Series DIT-AS
bullet_star Anti-Vibration Table - VIT with Auto-Levelling Pneumatic Mounts - Series DIT-AL

With this specialized design, we obtain a very precise and highly Shock Resistant Anti-Vibration Table.

Vibration Isolation Table using elastomeric material Anti Vibration Table VIT having Pneumatic Air Springs Anti-Vibration Table with Auto-Levlling Pneumatic mounts

Applications of our Anti Vibration Laboratory Tables

Mitutoyo Roundness Tester placed on Vibration Isolation Table   Anti Vibration Table for High Accuracy Analytical Balance   Anti-Vibration Table for Mitutoyo Contracer CV-3200   High Precision Laboratory Balance on Anti-Vibration Table
Mitutoyo-Roundness-Tester-placed-on-Vibration-Isolation-Table   Anti-Vibration Table with granite surface plate for sensitive lab instruments   Active and passive vibration control, isolation and cancellation for the Optics Instruments   Anti-Vibration-Table-for-HIGH-PRECISION-LABORATORY-BALANCE-with-readability-10mg

Anti-Vibration Table PresentationDownload AV-Table Presentation

Anti-vibration tables from Dynemech