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Small Rubber Metal Vibration isolation Mounts for Compressors Generators

Compac Machinery Mounts Series DH

Dynemech compac machinery mounts uses rubber in compression and shear. They provide tight tolerances on stiffness rate for accurate vibration calculations. Load range is from 40 to 130 Kgs per piece. The strong base metal withstands high shock loads without deformation. Fitted as standard with a shock-proof device (up to 4.5g) with resilient stop,it is ideal for mobile or marine use. Domed shape cover to protect against oil contamination. Light weight and compact. Ideal for Diesel engines, Compressors, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Industrial generators, Marine generators, ID, FD Fans etc.

Model D A H K d G


M.Max (kg.)
DH 1 63 76 35 93.5 8.5 M12 0.22 130
DH 2 63 76 35 93.5 8.5 M12 0.22 105
DH 3 63 76 35 93.5 8.5 M12 0.22 70

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