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IMTEX - 17th Indian Metal-cutting Machine Tool Exhibition with International Participation will be held between 21 to 26 January 2016 @ BIEC, Banglaore

DYNEMECH SYSTEMS @ IMTEX 2016 (from 21-26 January 2016) BIEC, Banglaore

Dynemech Systems will be showcasing their entire range of Anti-Vibration Pads and Vibration Isolators at IMTEX 2016 from 21-26 January 2016 atBangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore India.

IMTEX FORMING is an event for the Indian Metal Forming Industry. It is South and South-East Asia's apex exhibition showcasing the very latest trends in metal forming machine tools as well as technological reļ¬nements from India & other global players. The mega event attracts visitors from a wide spectrum of manufacturing and ancillary industries starting with key decision and policy makers as well as industry captains who are keen to source latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their production lines. IMTEX FORMING has come to symbolise as a one-stop forum where customers can experience 'live' display of the products enabling them in the decision making process to enhance their manufacturing capabilities.

IMTEX FORMING 2016 is a greatly expanded fair and includes all forming technologies predominantly sheet metal as also plastics, ceramics, composites and exotic materials. The manifestation of this has one ultimate objective: enabling manufacturing excellence through world-class productivity and cost-competitiveness. The mega show as also the apex event of IMTMA will layout the very latest machine equipments, processes, tools, accessories, software and raw materials as well as feed stocks required to manufacture formed parts in every engineering application

Tooltech is a premier event concurrent to IMTEX FORMING 2016 showcasing machine tool accessories, metrology and CAD/CAM forming tools, tooling systems and current trends in the tooling industry. Tooltech manifests recent innovations in technology, design and product development to achieve competitiveness and excellence in the machine tool industry. It highlights recent innovations in technology, design & product development with the aim to bring cost competitiveness in all metal working operations. Eighteenth in the series Tooltech 2016 will unveil yet again the explicit range of forming tools from the stable of the world's leading brands.

Dynemech Systems cordially invite you to visit our stall showcasing our entire range of products and technologies at IMTEX Forming 2016 and also take advantage of the enhanced business opportunities at the exhibition.

Anti-Vibration Technology

  • Shock Isolators for Hammer & Heavy Power presses .
  • Elastomeric Shock Absorbers
  • Spring Isolators for Forging Presses
  • Vibro Press Mounts
  • Wedge Vibration Control Mounts
  • Wedge Vibration Control Mounts
  • Vibration Isolated Tables
  • Rubber Insulation Pads
  • Auto Levelling Rubber Air Springs
  • Rubber Metal Products
  • Circular Vibration Damping Mounts
  • Foundation Isolation
  • Levelling Elements
  • Precision vibration Control Fixators
  • Machinery Raiser Blocks
  • Stamping Press Mounts
  • Generator Pads
  • CMM Vibration Control Solutions
  • Pneumatic Isolation

Vibration Damping Mounts for Stamping, cross shaft presses, mechanical ,pillar type presses




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