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Dynemech range of vibration control products Dynemech range of vibration isolator

Dynemech's Vibration Insulation Plates

Dynemech offers ANTI VIBRATION SHEETS made from high grade synthetic composite material. These sheets have different load capacities and are available in different natural frequencies to suit various industrial applications. These are resistant to water, oils, lubricating oils, fuels etc. used in the shop floor. Each sheet has defined stress value and can be placed directly under the machine as per the weight of the machine and no. of mounting positions. These plates will not deform plastically, if the weight of machine does not exceed maximum load value of the insulation plates. The available thicknesses are 2mm, 8mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 65mm.
Dynemech Vibration Insulation Plates

  Type Load
Vibration Insulation Plates Type Du Du 3-9 15 Tool room machine, plastic injection moulding machines, pressure die casting machines, printing and textile machine (For Machine having high axial forces). Coefficient of friction 0.9, natural frequency range 35Hz - 18 Hz
Vibration Insulation Plates Type Dm Dm 5-10 15 Lathe machines, milling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, turning centers etc. Coefficient of friction 0.7 natural frequency range 50 Hz-30 Hz.
Rubber Insulation Plates for vibration isolation - Type Di Di 5-14 25 For machine with high vertical dynamic forces such as power presses, punching machines, stamping machines, shearing machines etc. Coefficient of friction 0.8, natural frequency range 25 Hz -7 Hz
Rubber sheet Vibration Insulation Plates Type Dp Dp 1-4 20 Tuned to low natural frequency, suitable for passive vibration control of Measuring & Testing Machines, Grinders etc. Coefficient of frication 0.8, natural frequency 20 Hz-7 Hz.
Compound rubber sheet - Insulation Plates Type Ds1 Ds1 2.5-5 20 Light weight presses, tool room machines, compressors etc, on ground floor as well as upper floors coefficient of friction 0.8, natural frequency range 35 Hz-15 Hz.
Vibration Isolation - Insulation Plates Type Ds2 Ds2 2-8 25 High vibration insulation for both active and passive range, medium presses, stamping machine, also well suited for high speed rotating machine on upper floors. Coefficient of friction 0.8, natural frequency range 35 Hz-8 Hz.
Vibration Isolation Sheet Type Dhs1 Dhs1 5-15 65 Forging Hammers, Heavy Gen-Sets, Heavy Industrial Machines. Coefficient of friction 0.8, natural frequency range 25 Hz-8 Hz.
Vibration Isolation Rubber Sheet Type Dh Dh 10-35 15 Very heavy and long bed machines, long machining centers, planners etc. Coefficient of friction 0.6, natural frequency range 70 Hz -45 Hz
Anti Skid Plate Da1 Da1 2-18 2 Anti- Skid Plate
Anti-Skid Plate Da2 Da2 2-10 8 Anti- Skid Plate

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