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Precision Leveling Machinery Mounts

Precision Levelling Mounts - Series VHS

VHS Festofix Leveling Wedge Mounts are useful in leveling and aligning machinery to very strict tolerances and make it possible to vary adjustments at any time, even under maximum loads requiring only a small hand wrench to adjust. These mounts provide the most rigid machine-to-foundation connection. The 3-piece wedge design provides true vertical lift and eliminates lateral movement as machines are raised or lowered.

Benefits of Festofix Precision Levelling Machinery Mounts :

green-bullet  Built-in compensation for uneven areas in foundations and machine bases.
green-bullet  Time consuming work and production losses normally associated with alignments are eliminated.


Though VHS Series mounts are similar in appearance to conventional wedge-type leveling equipment, they differ significantly in concept and application. Alignment adjustments are made after anchor nuts have been tightened. In this way, the anchor bolts are tightened uniformly to predictable stress levels by adjusting the VHS Festofix mount basic unit upward prior to the final alignment procedure eliminating the customary torquing of anchor nuts. This gives substantial savings in time and effort normally required for the installation of sophisticated machine tools.

These benefits make the VHS Series Festofix Levelling Wedges the state-of-the-art anchoring/alignment system.

Drawing - Machinery Mounts with precision levelling

View - Machinery Mounts with precision levelling 3D view - Machinery Mounts with precision levelling

Model Recommended Load (Kg/pc) Max. Load (Kg/pc) L (mm) B (mm) H (mm) D (mm) h (mm) f (mm) a (mm) SW
VHS-I 1000 9000 175 105 55 60 5 17 12 19
VHS-II 2000 12000 175 120 75 75 5 21 13 19
VHS-III 4000 24000 220 150 98 88 6 25 23 24
VHS-IV 6000 36000 280 180 116 105 8 31 25 30
VHS-V 12000 70000 350 230 138 145 10 37 35 36

Applications: For the Levelling, Adjustment & Fixation of Large Machinery and other Heavy Equipment like Boilers, Turbines, Generators, Long-bedded lathes etc.

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