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Dynemech range of vibration control products Dynemech range of vibration isolator
Spring Isolator for vibration absorption with viscous damping

Dynemech Spring Isolator

Dynemech is providing anti vibration solutions to the Indian Industry for the last 10 years. We are the only company to provide almost all types of vibration control solutions under one roof. Our product range consists of stud mounts for very small machines to wedge mounts for precision machine tools, along with air springs for very low natural frequency vibration damping to spring isolators for heavy presses, hammers, gen sets etc. A spring isolator gives desired natural frequency to obtain phase difference in the frequencies for a rotating machine. Viscous Damping is an important feature of an isolation system. In most cases viscous damping is required to limit excessive movement which could occur as a machine operates at a speed near to, or coinciding with the resonant frequencies of the system. Generally this problem arises during slow run up and run down of rotating machines and during impact at each stroke in presses and hammers.

Advantages of Spring Isolators:

red_arrow_bullet Very high vibration and shock isolation
red_arrow_bullet Better Structural Safety
red_arrow_bullet Improved Health Protection of workers - reduced machine operator fatigue and provide more congenial working environment
red_arrow_bullet Installation of sensitive equipments and heavy machinery possible in the same workshop
red_arrow_bullet Shop Floor Flexibility Maintains
red_arrow_bullet Extended tool and machinery life.
red_arrow_bullet No foundation is required for small and medium weight machines and reduced depth of foundation for very heavy machines
red_arrow_bullet Simple to install and reliable.

S.No Model Load Range Kgs Natural Frequency Hz
1 DSI-1.11 100-400 4-6
2 DSI-1.16-SPL 100-500 6-8
3 DSI-1.16 400-1000 4-6
4 DSI-2.16-SPL 300-1000 6-8
5 DSI-2.16 500-2000 4-6
6 DSI-4.11 250-900 4-6
7 DSI-4.16-SPL 500-2400 4-6
8 DSI-4.16 2000-4000 5-9
9 DSI-6.16 3000-6000 4-6
10 DSI-8.16 3500-7000 4-6
11 DSI-9.16 4000-8000 4-6
12 DSI-12.16 5000-11500 4-6
13 DSI-16.16 6000-13000 4-6
14 DSI-315.158.12C-HD 28000-45000 5-7


DSI-315.158.8C-HD 19000-35000 5-7


The numerous benefits associated with the use of spring vibration isolators are:

red_arrow_bullet A MASSIVE reduction in the vibration in the works and the surrounding neighbourhood.
red_arrow_bullet Protection of machinery against external vibration.
red_arrow_bullet Extends the service life of machines.
red_arrow_bullet Complies with environmental constraints.
red_arrow_bullet Allows easy machinery leveling.
red_arrow_bullet Combats foundation subsidence.
red_arrow_bullet Reduced cost foundation.
red_arrow_bullet Makes buildings and machinery safe from earthquakes.
red_arrow_bullet Impact noise isolation.


red_arrow_bullet Power Presses
red_arrow_bullet Forging Hammers
red_arrow_bullet Fans
red_arrow_bullet Blowers
red_arrow_bullet Generating Sets
red_arrow_bullet Centrifuges
red_arrow_bullet Test Beds
red_arrow_bullet Textile Machines
red_arrow_bullet Reducing Mills and Mixers
red_arrow_bullet Coal and Stone Crushers
red_arrow_bullet Refrigeration Units
red_arrow_bullet Pumps and Boilers etc.
red_arrow_bullet All types of heavy industrial machinery
The Springs are made in top grade wire & finished with protective coatings thus ensuring trouble free service life.
Selection Procedure
green_tick Determine the all-up weight of the machine to be mounted including work loads
green_tick Estimate the position of its combined center of gravity in both horizontal and vertical planes allowing for work loads & any mobile loads; i.e. traversing work heads or tables etc.
green_tick Decide where the mountings are to be positioned.
green_tick Select mountings to give the required static deflection.
green_tick Where especially very high levels of isolation are required, for instance where the disturbing frequency is less than 12 Hz, higher deflection springs may be necessary. Please contact for our advise accordingly.

Soring Isolator for Heavy Press and machine istallation