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Compressor Mounts provide optimum leveling and alignment and controlling vibrations in Reciprocating Machinery and Piping Systems. The vibration mounts help to mount machines within minutes, without anchoring either the machine or machine mounts to the floor. Dynemech Insulation Sheets are designed especially for compressor vibrations. These vibration insulation sheets dampen both vertical and horizontal impacts found in reciprocating machines. In addition, each vibration isolation pad is engineered to possess an exceptionally high coefficient of friction that also prevents machine walking. The balance of force and response is the key to keeping vibration levels in check on any piece of machinery, and more so with a reciprocating compressor where there are more complex forces.

Vibration can be caused by a variety of conditions including bent shafts, unbalance in rotating parts, worn or bent gears, damaged bearings, misaligned couplings or bearings, electromagnetic forces, etc. In compressors the most common causes are unbalance in rotating parts and abnormal aerodynamic forces. The design of our elastomeric insulation sheets prevent the damage caused by vibrations due to the above mentioned causes.

The two vibration types in compressors are translational (lateral) and rotational (twist) vibration. Translational vibration is the motion of external piping structure due to resonance. When the vibration of external piping becomes excessive, it is because some vibration within the system is occurring at a frequency near the natural frequency of the piping structure. A common occurrence of rotational vibration is an extreme vibration along the crankshaft whose frequency is the same as shaft speed. This type of vibration is usually due to unbalance forces acting on the crankshaft caused by unequal weights in piston pairs. Most vibration problems in compressors are related to unbalance. A high vibration level may be directly related to a rotational force or a translational force that is caused by an unbalanced condition.

Dynemech Anti-Vibration mounts for compressors addresses all the vibrational issues above. We have design and supply experience for thousands of compressor installations which provide optimum vibration isolation. We can provide installation assistance and product selection for compressor installation.

Anti-Vibration Pneumatic Mounts for Compressor machne

Fig 1: Anti-Vibration Pneumatic Mounts for ELGI compressor installation  

Compressor Machine Mounts with Elastomeric Pads offer many benefits:

1.    Increased compressor parts life.
2.    Installation Savings - Compressors can be installed faster and easier.
3.    Simplified compressor machine installation.
4.    Precision Levelling and alignment of machine mounts reduces machine wear and tear & increases tool life
5.    Compressor can be easily grouted (if required) and vibration transmission reduced.
6.    Different products/customized solutions available for different compressor installations.
7.    Reduced shock and vibration.
8.    Elimination of anchor bolts. The Compressor can be easily re-located and Re-Levelling is much faster and easier.
9.  Better Structural Safety for the factory.

Series DRAS - Pneumactic Machine Mounts Circular Screw Support mounts for compressor Circular mounts for compressor Spring AntiVibration mounts

Dynemech provides a wide variety of different mount sizes and configurations are available to meet the requirement of any injection molding or die casting machine application.

Dynemech is the leading manufacturer/exporter of Anti-Vibration Machine Mounts for all kinds of compressors and genset machines. Dynemech's engineering team provides complete guidance in proper pad selection for various different types of compressors depending on the machine specifications and external factors (like installation location). They provide detailed installation notes with illustrative diagrams for correct compressor mounts installation.

Vibration-Control-in-Compressor Single-Spring-Isolator with viscous damping Compressor on round Anti-vibration mounts with Insulation sheet

Vibration Control in Compressors installed on various Compressor Mounts

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