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Screw Support Mounts - Series DLM/DLMS

Dynemech DLM/DLMS Series Antivibration Mounts, developed in steel and stainless steel respectively are simple and effective vibration dampers for machines with respective holes in the base. These mounts offer low frequency attenuation, stable machine levelling and vibration reduction. The flexible levelling screw accommodates uneven/sloped surface up to 5 degree. DLMS Series find application where corrosion resistant materials for hygienic, climatic and environmental reasons are required like in pharmaceutical, food and beverages processing and packaging units, medical equipment manufacturing and chemical processing industries.

machinery antivibration mounts

Model Load (Kg/pc) Dia(D) mm H mm Bolt Size Applications
DLM1-u 150 58 21 M16 x 100mm Applications: Compressors, Tool Room Machines, Plastic injection Moulding Machines, Pressure Die Casting Machines, Shaper, Printing and Textile Machines etc.
DLM2-u 350 85 24 M16 x 100mm
DLM3-u 600 110 28 M16 x 150mm
DLM4-u 900 135 30 M16 x 150mm
DLM5-u 1400 165 30 M16 x 150mm
DLM6-u 1900 185 30 M16 x 150mm
DLM7-u 2500 215 35 M16 x 150mm
DLM1-a2 190 58 20 M16 x 100mm Applications: Lathe Machines, Machining Centers, CNC Machines, Milling Machines, Precision Grinding Machines, Drilling Machine, Turning Centers, Transfer Lines etc.
DLM2-a2 450 85 23 M16 x 100mm
DLM3-a2 800 110 27 M16 x 150mm
DLM4-a2 1150 135 28 M16 x 150mm
DLM5-a2 1750 165 28 M16 x 150mm
DLM6-a2 2400 185 28 M16 x 150mm
DLM7-a2 3200 215 33 M16 x 150mm
DLM1-p 75 58 26 M16 x 100mm Applications: Measuring & Testing Machines, Surface Plates, Hardness Testers, Microscopes, EDM Machine, Profile Projectors etc.
DLM2-p 175 85 29 M16 x 100mm
DLM3-p 300 110 33 M16 x 150mm
DLM4-p 500 135 35 M16 x 150mm
DLM5-p 700 165 35 M16 x 150mm
DLM6-p 950 185 35 M16 x 150mm
DLM7-p 1250 215 40 M16 x 150mm
DLM1-s2 125 58 31 M16 x 100mm Applications: Medium Presses, Punching Presses, Centreless Grinding Machines, Gear Shapers, High Speed Machines on upper floors.
DLM2-s2 300 85 34 M16 x 100mm
DLM3-s2 550 110 38 M16 x 150mm
DLM4-s2 850 135 40 M16 x 150mm
DLM5-s2 1250 165 40 M16 x 150mm
DLM6-s2 1700 185 40 M16 x 150mm
DLM7-s2 2200 215 45 M16 x 150mm

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Applications of Screw Support Anti-Vibration Mounts

EDM Machine Vibration Control Compressors Mechanical Power Presses
Dynemech Anti Vibration Mounts for CNC Dynemech Anti Vibration Machine Mounts for Injection Moulding Machines Dynemech Anti Vibration Circular Mounts for Power Presses

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