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TPM Series Mounts have a height of 100mm/150 mm (as per client requirement) at mean position to help proper cleaning and repairing under the machine as per TPM guidelines for machine installation by IMTMA.

All TPM Series Mounts have a specialized Anti-vibration elastomeric insulation plate at the bottom which provides vibration reduction. Different models of TPM Series Mounts are available depending on machine to be installed.

green-bullet Wedge Mounts Free Standing and levelling adjustment is available (Series DFP),
green-bullet Wedge Mounts Bolted to Machine and levelling adjustment is available (Series DBP),
green-bullet Wedge Mounts Bolted to Machine and anchored to ground with levelling adjustment (Series DTP),
green-bullet Circular Mounts suitable for machines having plain hole in the base and requiring levelling adjustment (Series DRC),
green-bullet Circular Mounts for machines having tapped hole in the base with bolt resting on the top face of our mount (Series DR).

Vibration reduction is possible through assembling respective Dynemech insulation plates.

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