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Active and passive vibration control, isolation and cancellation for the Optics Instruments

Mitutoyo Contracer CV-3200-intsalled-on-Dynemech-Vibration-Isolation-Table-VIT-AL-02

Dynemech's broad offering of vibration isolation tables includes active, passive, and elastomeric Vibration Isolators. Our DIT-AL series pneumatic vibration isolator is considered as the industry standard for vibration isolator performance and our broad offering of OEM vibration isolators are preferred by India's and world's leading analytical equipment, microscope and diagnostic instrument manufacturers. Our elastomeric vibration isolator solutions are preferred by India's leading bullion trading and retailers and metrology instrument manufacturers for their excellent critical vibration absorption, damping and vibration isolation performance.

These vibration isolating tables provide enough isolation for laboratory instrument under some conditions. Air systems may leak under vacuum conditions. Passive vibration isolation tables operates in both directions, isolating the equipment from vibrations originating in the support and machinery around, and also isolating the support from vibrations originating in the equipment placed on the vibration isolation table.

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