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Dynemech Wedge Mounts are designed for industrial machinery that require precision levelling and vibration absorption. This three piece wedgemount has an adjustable bolt which moves the centre wedge between the top & bottom wedges. The movement of the center wedge provides precision height adjustment which can be used for machine leveling. Large supporting surface ensures solidity and rigidity.

All Wedge Mounts have a specialized elastomeric insulation plate at the bottom which provides vibration damping capabilities. These insulation plates are customized for damping different frequencies. All our Anti Vibration mounts have different vibration damping materials for precise machine vibration control. Different models of Anti Vibration Wedge Mounts are available depending on whether the machine needs to be:

green-bullet Freely placed on the mounts (Series DF),
green-bullet Bolted to the mounts (Series DB),
green-bullet Bolted to the mounts and grouted to the floor (Series DT),
green-bullet Transmit load of the machine to the floor at 90° with very precise leveling (Series DTSP),
green-bullet Requires very high height adjustment range (Series DTH),
green-bullet A large centered hole instead of two eccentric hole with offset adjustable bolt to accommodate a bigger size bolt (Series DTO)

Vibration reduction is possible through assembling respective Dynemech insulation plates. These Anti Vibration mounts are suitable for heavy CNC machines and Power Presses as these mounts can take large loads and provide levelling adjustment. The Anti Vibration mounts have large surface area for maximum coverage under machine body and provide maximum support to machine during levelling.